"I was at a point in my life that I was not in a good place physically. I was 41 year olds with 3 kids, a 12 year old and twin girls who are 6. I was completely out of shape. I had lower back pain because my twins pregnancy separated my stomach muscles. Jenn and Andrea set up a meal plan and workout plan for me. My before pictures were hard to take. But, I stuck to the meal plan and my training. Then I started to notice the changes in my body, but the most important was my mind. They motivated me to keep going and adjusted my workout plan throughout my training. I can not say enough wonderful things about these women. They are truly wonderful and inspiring coach. - Kristi, 41

Bold Hearts

"Six weeks work- almost back to where I was pre academy and surgery. Absolutely terrible how I looked and felt by the end of my 12 weeks of training. Bold Heart Fitness has given me some pretty amazing motivation to come back stronger and healthier than ever. Trying a few changes over the next few weeks and hoping for good news from my surgeon to keep me on track. I have gained six pounds of muscle mass back and lost just over an inch on my stomach, and am back at or already surpassing my lifts from when I left July. On a mission." -Sam, 31

Proud of this girl right here for the dedication she had to our 6 week program and her transformation! She embraced the lifestyle change and was able to find a happy balance. She lost inches in her back, waist and arms and perked up the booty. Loved seeing her get excited about her workouts, prepped meals, and higher energy levels. She has always had confidence, but now... she has confidence in the gym as well. She is owning her workouts, conquered her fear of the weights, and sent us awesome gym selfies. - Kayley, 23

ROSA is an amazing mom of 2 and needed an effective plan to go around her busy work schedule. She not only lost inches but has made fitness apart of her and her families lifestyle now! We are so proud of her 100% dedication and motivation to keep going!

"I'm amazed I literally never thought I could be this person."

"We are making this a permanent part of our life, yay!"

Niki has dropped 6lbs, she has been SO dedicated to living a healthier and balanced lifestyle. She is a great example of not letting your excuses keep you from reaching your goals. She is a mom of 3 and works full time. We are so proud of you and know this is only the beginning of your journey!

"You guys have helped me completely change my eating and working out habits for the better!"

 "The first 2 weeks I questioned whether or not I would be able to go the whole 8 weeks but I feel like this has become part of my routine and I definitely plan on continuing this route after the 8 weeks !"